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Snowboarding fascinates with its great variety

There are numerous snowboard maneuvers and even relatively flat runs turn out to be interesting because speed is not all that counts with snowboarding, more fascinating is the style and how you perform dynamic turns or jumps.

The phenomenon of nearly defying gravity while gliding over powder snow or carving down a ski run feeling the centrifugal forces at work explain the great fascination people have with snowboarding. These intense sensations occupy all our senses and there are few comparable sports which similar thrills.

Our experienced and qualified snowboard instructors will teach you the basics of this sport in an effortless and playful way.

You want to get away from every day skiing and try something different ? Then snowbiking might be just the thing for you.
You sit comfortably while cruising down the mountain.

After 1 to 2 hours of practice most people dare to go down a red run. This is an easy and safe way to enjoy the snow.


No matter if you are a beginner or advanced skier. We can take you to the best powder snow runs in the area if the conditions are right.
We will show you the basics and give you tips on how to improve your technique and skills.


The most beautiful places around the Hochkönig are so close!
Weekly organized or individually guided ski tours with statecertified mountain and ski guides guarantee unforgettable ski touring experiences and gorgeous views. A true peak of emotions!
Cross Country Skiing

Gentle exercise while taking in the breathtaking scenery of our mountains.
Try Cross Country Skiing and get away from masses.
With our qualified instructors the first steps will be easy and soon you will be off to enjoy this fantastic sport by yourself.
Winter hikes or snowshoeing

Free like a bird in the middle of pristine nature! How about freshly cleared paths for winter hikes or snowshoeing to the most beautiful panoramic spots? Alone in the middle of the gorgeous natural scenery, you  can experience the peak of emotions.
All ski instructors of the ski school Top are tested and trained in first aid.
We also offer courses in the following languages: German, English and Dutch.
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Skischule Top Dienten                           + 00 43 650 557 9259                  
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5652 Dienten

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